Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bloodmaiden [BOOK REVIEW]

Title: Bloodmaiden

The characters were great in this book although sometimes, they didn’t feel quite as real to me. I absolutely loved Pan’s character though with her ability to change depending on her environment. At first I felt kinda sorry for Brydon because of his past but it’s understandable. Chalom and Crisilin were also really great. I wish that I got to see more of their relationship though because it didn’t feel like it was deep enough in my opinion. But throughout the story, we get to learn more about their past and what they have to go through and what they eventually learn about each other.

I love the plot a lot. It definitely has a lot of adventure in it. There’s also a mix of romance here and there throughout the story. The characters go on this journey in order to expose the evil doings in Tynan, the fourth dynasty. This was probably a story I was not expecting because the plot has its own unique twist to it. It does have magical creatures like dragons and sprites and such. 

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fantasy adventure type read because this books has just that.

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