Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Iron Queen [BOOK REVIEW]

Title: The Iron Queen
By: Julie Kagawa
Published: January 25th, 2011
Published By: Harlequin Teen
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Summary: I thought it was over. That my time with the fey, the impossible choices I had to make, the sacrifices of those I loved, was behind me. But a storm is approaching, an army of Iron Fey that will drag me away from the banished prince who's sworn to stand by my side. Drag me into the core of conflict so powerful, I'm not sure anyone can survive it.

I was literally so excited for this book even though I didn't have to wait for it to come out. But I loved the plot of this book A LOT. Even though the ending was something probably not a lot of people would have wanted, to me, it was a satisfying, happy ending. Sort of. But there was a lot going on in this book. There were conflicts and problems between the Summer and Winter Fey. And there was going to be a war and stuff. It just had a lot of things going on and I was super satisfied with how the whole story played out.

The characters were great in this book. Compared to the Iron Daughter, Meghan did not piss me off in this book which was good because this was probably my favorite one out of the three books currently. I felt kinda sorry for Ash in the end and I am really interested into seeing what Ash's plans are. And Puck was also awesome. Even though he likes playing tricks and stuff, he is definitely the comic relief of the entire story. I always laughed at what he had to say and he said some funny stuff.

So I would definitely recommend this book to just anyone because it's got everything in there practically, adventure, action, romance, and I wouldn't call it tragedy. Hahas.

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