About Me

About [rambling] BOOK MEES
pretty much from the title, this blog is going to be rambling book reviews (: sound interesting? not really. just kidding, instead it's going to be filled with proper info ranging from the summary, to the characters and the plot. it might have rambles on what's good and what sucks. (: this website was created on a whim and it has replaced my old blog that used to be on tumblr (this site has more features!!)

About Me:
so anyway, my name is jenny and I live in the US. pretty big isn't it? yeps. There's something about the storybuilding, and love relationships that you just can't find in real life that keeps me hooked on YA literature [: but I love reading and i have recently started reviewing books so don't get mad at me if it sucks. I love reading any adventure, comedy, dystopian, science fiction, fantasy, and who can forget romance stories in the YA genre. and that's because their awesome and fun (: