Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stolen: A Letter to my Captor [Book Review]

Stolen: A Letter To My Captor
By: Lucy Christopher
Published: May 4, 2009
Publisher: Chicken House Ltd
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Finished on: August 29, 2011

Summary: A Girl: Gemma, at the airport, on her way to a family vacation. A guy: Ty, rugged, tan, too old, oddly familiar, eyes blue as ice. She steps away. For just a second. He pays for her drink. And drugs it. He takes her, before she even knows what’s happening. To sand and heat. To emptiness and isolation. To nowhere. And expects her to love him. Written as a letter from a victim to her captor, this is Gemma’s desperate story of survival. Ty has stolen her body. Against every instinct screaming inside her, will he also steal Gemma’s heart?

I think this book deserves a 4/5 stars. i don’t know cause I feel like the ending could have ended differently but I’m also satisfied with the ending.

OK. so I love Lucy Christopher’s writing style of putting it into first person and also into a kind of letter which made it really easy to connect with the main character which was Gemma. Only Gemma always said “you” instead of “Ty” which I thought got confusing sometimes. But you get used to it after a couple of pages.

The characters were amazing. I actually really loved Ty’s character because throughout the story, you slowly get to understand his background and where he comes from and why he does the things he did. It’s not like other stories where they pour everything into the last 20 pages. He spills a little about himself throughout the story so you won’t get bored easily. Gemma’s character was understandable because I think if I was in her situation, I would have probably done the same thing. And her choice at the end of the book, wasn’t what I would have expected but it’s a really “mature” choice and she does have a lot of growth development throughout the story.

The plot went at a reasonable pace where it kept me interested because most books get me bored easily in the beginning probably because of the story building. But this book started with a great beginning and finished with a great ending. I also love the concept of it taking place in Australia but I didn’t feel the vibe, probably because it was in a desert.

But I would recommend this book to people that are find with the concept of kidnapping and with a little bit of romance in it.

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